Unstaged Flora Photography

These are flowers on a maple tree in early spring. People generally don't think of deciduous trees as being flowering. These tiny delicate flowers are captivating in their form, but they are not eye catching in color.

This lovely rose was in full sun in the early morning. The bees were already out and ready to collect the nectar they use to make honey. I can imagine the delicately flavored honey to which this bee will contribute.

These luscious blossoms were in the constant wash of a fountain of potable water.

Five dew drops lined up on the central vein of this leaf. One dew drop on the side waits to join the others.

Flowers, clover and ?, from Achen, Germany.

Delicate flower, upclose, in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Chamomile in Zurich

Thunbergia alata (black-eyed Susan) in Zurich, Switzerland

Beautiful flowers at Matterhorn

More beautiful flowers at Matterhorn


Tim Cray said...

Great post and certainly gives me some good ideas as I start to move more towards stock photography.

Eduard Kooij said...

It’s no surprise that images of flowers are extremely popular and are one of the most commonly printed and sold images.

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