Lucerne, Switzerland

Gorgeous fountain outside the train station 

This tower is in the middle of the Reuss River and connected to both shores by the covered Chapel Bridge. The tower was used to house treasures and prisoners. Obviously, being in the middle of a river made it highly defensible. 

This male swan was putting on a lovely display. He was trying to encroach on another male's territory and possibly trying to woo his mate.

Colorful clock tower. At the top of the tower there is another clock that is visible at a distance. This tower is within the old town. A sun motif decorates one arm, and a moon decorates the other on the large and colorful clock. There are also dragons spitting fire at the topmost cupola above the smaller clock. 

Because most old cities have dense building arrangements, buildings are differentiated by the materials or colors of the facades. The Hotel Krone has a lovely cut stone facade with the gold accents of the crowns or krone on the hanging sign and beneath the first floor window.

Variety in style and decoration provides the eye with a sumptuous meal in the architecture of Lucerne.

Another view of the tower in the middle of the Reuss River, with the clock tower to the left and the mountains in the background. The ornate railing on this bridge further upriver provides another layer of interest in the visual feast. 

I absolutely love the whimsical frescos on the exteriors of the buildings in Switzerland. Sometimes comical, sometimes an expression of folkloric history, they are always interesting and colorful.

It is not unusual for older buildings to have 6 or more stories. Often there are 3 or more stories to the building within the roof line.

Back to the train station, Lucerne was truly a festival to the eyes.

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