Bern, Switzerland

Details of ?Parliamentary building? The corbels are articulating the division of space between the arched windows.

Details of an interior ached walkway with a niche containing a fountain.

Decorative corbels on the ?parliamentary building?

Traction on the stone pavement of the covered walkways are made with chisels and hammers. They alternate the diagonals on the pavers to help with traction.

Morning glories define the arched entrance of a covered walkway.

These covered sidewalks have many benefits. In the winter they offer walkways that are not snowcovered. In the rain, shoppers and shopkeepers can come and go without being soaked.

A building housing a theatrical company

Sts. Peter and Paul Church architectural details.

Warrior Animal Sentinels line the street on both sides. Eves of the buildings are sometimes brightly painted and embellished.

In the old town, every space is utilized for commercial space. This store is in the basement area of street level shops. This is very common in Bern.

Bright red tram going through the old town of Bern.

River Aare with homes directly next to the water. Steps leading out of the river are useful for those cooling off in the river and disembarking from boats.

The homes, churches and other buildings make great use of all available land, even on the inclines.

The River Aare is crossed many times over in Bern with lovely bridges. In the hot summer weather, people will often float downstream in the river and make their way to the banks to return upstream.

This is the rathaus. Notice all the coats of arms near the fascia.

Monkey soldier keeping watch over a main street.

This is Sts. Peter and Paul Church. This church was built in the 1900s. It is near the rathaus or city hall.

This cathedral was constructed in the 1400s. This photo was taken while the cathedral was under a restoration project. The scaffolding is 9 stories high. 

River Aare with a city view and swimming pools

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