Sur, Oman

The legendary Sinbad the Sailor hails from Sur, Oman. The dhow you see in this photo is a replica of the dhow Sinbad used to sail the seven seas. There are no nails employed in this structure. This particular boat actually sailed to China and back before it was made the centerpiece of a round-about in Sur.

The rock extends a tentative finger into the water. The water beckons and two in the distance have already answered the call. Boats wait for fishermen to return seeking the fruits of the sea. 

The small village sits at the edge of this cove. It gazes on the blue of the water competing with the blue of the sky. Luxury resorts and hotels reflect on the beauty within the  cove and out over the Arabian Sea.

Waves wash coral ashore, up to the roadway.

Even porcupine fish are washed ashore.  Look closely. Bird tracks look like various sizes of bike tires around this fish.
A dhow coming in for the night. This is close to the most southern point of the Arabian Peninsula. Here we are looking to the west, toward Africa. The view is sublime. Goodnight Sur.

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