Achern, Germany and The Black Forest

This is the beautiful village of Achern, Germany. It is located in the Black Forest in Bavaria.

Streams cross the village behind various homes and yards.

Bridges make crossing via car, bike and foot easy.

Buildings range in age, but they go back as far as about 700 A.D. This particular church is from a much later era.

A quite modern building, the rathaus is the city hall.

Good use of village planning provides for shops on the ground level and apartment homes on succeeding floors. The sense of humor displayed in the public sculptures gives clues to the disposition of the villagers.

Set between the countryside and the Black Forest, just outside of Achern, these homes take advantage of the opening valley.

The Black Forest is at once mysterious and inviting. One can imagine trekking through the woods and coming upon a character from the Grim's Fairytales.

Is it possible to imagine happier sheep?

Notice the chocolate brown sheep to the right.

Blackberries are sweet treats from the Black Forest.

Romantic. Tranquil.

These spiky thistle flowers are lovely contrast with the clusters of yellow.

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