Qatar- The Museum of Islamic Art, exterior

Viewed through the haze of heat and dust from the vantage point of the Corniche, the Museum of Islamic Art, in Doha, Qatar, appears to float on water. The Arabian/Persian Gulf surrounds it. Dhows frame the view from across the water.
The museum appears to be immediately on land. It is, however, surrounded by water and has bridge access to pedestrians (and authorized autos).

These dhows were clustered just next to the museum. One can see the other more modern styled boats nearby.

From the museum looking at the Corniche.

There are colonnades of palms on either side of the main approach to the museum.
At the end of the main approach, the fountain rondel sprays a cool refreshing mist into the air.
The exterior of the building is cleaned.
Here is a bridge from the mainland to the island-building of the museum.

Between the main building and the library, a young lady enjoys the cool reflective pools and shading gazebo.

The view of the reflection pools continues out through the arches and into the gulf.

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